True Patriots of America

About True Patriots of America


We believe that the US Constitution and Amendments must be studied, respected and enforced in respect of original intent and for our national eternity. 


We believe that our Constitutional Republic must never be compromised and our philosphy should be exported for all who desire to be free.  Therefore, we oppose any attempt to subject our national sovereignty to international rule or law that would subject our Constitution or citizens to Non-American authority. 


We believe in safe and secure national borders with a single and common American English language. We believe in the established separation of powers between the states and federal government, opposing attempts to federalize the nation. 


We believe in a principally deregulated Free-Market economy with moral values protecting our citizens and basic laws protecting those values. 


We believe that our armed forces should be second to no other and that our citizens should be responsibly armed and allowed to defend family and property. 


We believe that the traditional family unit is the most healthy and stable foundation upon which our society could thrive.


We believe that our nation was Divinely blessed by our Creator with natural resources and that it is incumbent upon us to fully utilize those resources for prosperity and national security.


We believe that God alone gives life and liberty, that He provided the ultimate example through the life of Christ, with written guidelines through the Ten Commandments and in the pages of the Holy Bible and that any attempt to deminish this fact is an assault upon our nation. 


We believe that you can disagree with these fundamental beliefs and still be a citizen, but you will forfeit your opportunity to be one of the True Patriots of America.

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